Signs of High IQ Children

How to determine if you are raising a genius

There are nearly 1.96 billion children in the world who are below the age of 15 years. Every child is a genius in his or her own way but some kids are exceptional and smarter than most of the kids around them. These kids demonstrate signs of high IQ from a young age. Parents have this gift of realizing their kid’s caliber and they can always polish their kid’s skills accordingly. If a kid observes well, understands well, performs well then he might be a genius and in such case, parents should get their kids IQ checked, they might be raising a genius.

Puzzles and Brain Teasers
If your kid is good at identifying the order of puzzle pieces or he can understand the patterns and repetitions of colors in a game, he might be really good at observation. He should be introduced to more games that involve observation, this will not only enhance his observation skills but it will also unlock more relative skills.

Asking question all the time

Some kids reveal the signs of being curious about everything around them and they ask many questions to understand how things are working around them. Such kids, later on, become best thinkers and analyzers.

Preference of elder’s company

Kids with higher IQ develop interests different from the kids of their age and they prefer talking about the ideas, events and how things can be improved. They like these conversations to be done with mature people which in most of the cases are elder people.

Concentration and decision making
Very few kids are gifted with the habit of sticking with a single task until they have completed it. The concentration of a kid towards his game while there is another distraction, such as someone talking in the same room, a pet making sounds or a program on the TV. If your kid shows such behaviors, he has good concentration skills and he has learned to make decisions regarding his preference.

Leadership abilities
Genius kids always keep improving their skills and this habit helps them in developing better skills as compared to other kids of their age and being the best at doing something, they easily develop a dominant image among their peers and get to lead them. This leadership skill doesn’t remain constrained to this youth but it grows with the passage of time if they are given a suitable environment.
They like to read
One of the major symptoms genius kids show is reading, they like to read more and more about their favorite topics. They are always interested in reading about the things that make them curious and so they have great knowledge too.

They can make mistakes
Every child is gifted with a specific gift. If a kid is good at many things it doesn’t mean he will be best at everything. There are always a few things he might lack at for example a kid who is good at making creative things might not be really good at mathematics and it’s normal.

Unusual memory
Another major ability of genius kids is their strong memory, they consume a great deal of knowledge every day and memorize it for a long term. That is how they get to answer many of the questions. Kids IQ reveals, kids with better memory have higher IQ than those with weak memory.