Research has shown that gifted children aren’t particularly successful at school.  The main reason is that our schooling system doesn’t provide a customized learning experience to our children. As a matter of fact, overcrowded classrooms and demotivated teachers are one of the key reasons that cause IQ drop of a child. In such a situation, the responsibility of the parents to know the talents of their kids and help them benefit from their natural gifts becomes very important. This website is dedicated to meet the needs of these parents. This website offers the most accurate scientifically proven IQ test for children available on the internet.

IQ tests are important:

According to bleeding-edge research, IQ is one of the key drivers of success for a child. Knowing the IQ is the first step towards maximizing your child’s potential. Standard IQ tests are a measure of intelligence and provide the basis for defining a suitable development plan for your child. That’s why researchers strongly recommend IQ testing for children starting from an early age.

IQ Testing for children is hard:

There are many factors that make IQ testing for children difficult. First, the IQ test should be culturally neutral. Second, little children don’t have the long attention span to handle thorough IQ testing requiring hours of engagement with a psychologist. Third, different children have different levels of reading comprehension which is especially valid for the children who use English as a second or third language. English language capabilities shouldn’t be a part of a truly culture fair IQ Test.

Considering these difficulties, our expert psychologists with a Ph.D. in child psychology have devised the following IQ test that uses fluid reasoning: an ability to analyze new problems. Over the years, more than a million children,aged between 5-16 years,  have taken this IQ test which means that your result will be compared to an enormous sample size. As a result, the accuracy of this Kids’ IQ test approaches ~95%, much higher than any other free IQ test available online. You will be able to get instant results unlike offline IQ tests that cost hundreds of dollars and take long time for result compilation and reporting.

Based on the age of your child, please choose one of the following:

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Intelligent Quotient

IQ Test For Kids: Distribution of IQ among test takers



“I always suspected my 6 year old 2nd grader to be ahead of his age. This short IQ test designed for children helped me confirm his gifted personality. By far, the best IQ test for children.”    Jeremy, London, UK

“My 12 year old daughter was having problems at school. Her teachers had been complaining about her lack of interest since she was 8 year old. Eventually, I made her take this intelligence quotient test suspecting a learning disability. In was wrong. The test proved that she had a very high IQ and needed more challenging learning environment. I sent her to a gifted school and more she is a happy smart teenager.”    Cynthia, Singapore

“I have three children: a 7 year old girl, a 13 year old boy and a 15 year old girl.  All of them have above average IQ score by age: Thank you IQ test team for confirming. Now, as a parent, I know how to meet their specific learning needs.”   James, Sydney, Australia

“I made my 14 year old and 11 year old take this IQ quiz. It took them only 30 minutes and results were available instantly. Later, they took the test offline at their school. The scores were exactly the same. I wonder why do we need expensive offline IQ Testing, when cheap online tests are available”. Rebecca, New York, USA