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Question: Why do I have to pay?

Answer: Please note that we have added a payment of $19.99 at the end of the test to avoid abuse of the system by bots and non-serious test takers. As IQ results are compared with all previous test takers (IQ is related with percentiles), non-serious test takers and bots risk corrupting our database. Thank you for your understanding.

Comparison with Other IQ tests: 

Because of its remarkable implications, qualified IQ tests are usually not free. In fact, an exam designed and organized by a licensed psychologist cost from $240 to even $800. Mensa exam could be the cheapest, however, it is not available in the majority of the world. Therefore, our online test offer a conveniently affordable high quality approach to not only measure your IQ but also get consultancy on how to best develop your children’s ability.

We use the most recent scoring system (09/2017) based on millions of people in 152 different countries.