New research indicates IQ measures motivation as well

Children who achieve higher scores on IQ tests tend to excel in various aspects of life, including academics, economic prosperity, and overall health. However, this success isn’t solely due to innate intelligence. Recent research indicates that IQ scores partially reflect a child’s motivation to perform well on these tests. Harnessing this motivation might be just as vital for future success as one’s native intelligence.

The ongoing debate among researchers about what IQ tests truly measure has also delved into questions regarding differences in IQ scores among various ethnic groups. Some argue that such differences are related to genetics, while others contend that socioeconomic factors play a significant role. This debate has important societal implications.

A study led by Angela Lee Duckworth at the University of Pennsylvania suggests that motivation significantly influences IQ test performance. Incentives, such as monetary rewards, can notably boost IQ scores. The study combined results from multiple previous studies and found that higher rewards led to more substantial improvements in scores.

Additionally, Duckworth’s team conducted a long-term study involving boys whose IQs were tested in their youth. They found that motivation levels strongly correlated with IQ scores and later life success. Motivation accounted for a substantial portion of the differences in educational attainment and job outcomes among these individuals.

While motivation plays a crucial role, the study emphasizes that raw intelligence still matters for IQ scores and academic achievement. Therefore, IQ tests measure not only innate intelligence but also a person’s determination to succeed in the test and in life.

This research carries significant implications for social policy and education. It suggests that relying solely on IQ scores for admissions to gifted and talented programs may not be sufficient. Instead, considering a child’s motivation and willingness to put in effort should also be part of the assessment.

In summary, this study underscores the importance of motivation alongside innate intelligence and personality traits in determining life success, offering new avenues for understanding and fostering individual potential.

Author: admin

September 18, 2023